August 2nd, 2021

Volume 66
Number 3
Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.

 Clinical Perspectives
Shuhai Lan, M.D., Shengwen Dong, Ph.D., and Shuwen Tang, M.D.
Anticoagulant therapy is effective for unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion; however, the development of a reasonable and effective treatment plan is still a major challenge in clinical work.

 Original Articles
John Garza, Ph.D., Kushal Gandhi, Ph.D., Paula Gutierrez, M.S., Obianuju Okoye, MS3, Asley Sanchez, B.S., and Gary Ventolini, M.D.
The finding that specific Lactobacillus species in provoked vulvodynia patients differ in composition and morphophysiology from those in control patients presents a new target for vulvodynia therapies.

Yue Guan, M.D., Quetzal A. Class, Ph.D., and Abigail R. Litwiller, M.D.
The performance of an endocervical curettage at colposcopy varies by patient status, but results do not alter clinical management in most cases.

Brittany Kausen, M.D., Makdine Dontsi, M.S., Debbie A. Postlethwaite, R.N.P., M.P.H., and Anne C. Regenstein, M.D.
This retrospective study confirmed the increased risk of preterm birth in women with a uterine anomaly; however, most delivered at term and very few delivered prior to 28 weeks.

Zhou Yanzhen, M.M., Huang Xinxin, M.M., Shi Mengjing, M.B., and Chen Li, M.B.
Ovarian endometriomas (≥5 cm) significantly decrease serum anti-Müllerian hormone levels. The endometriosis fertility index score positively correlates with pregnancy outcome. Surgical intervention can efficiently improve fertility outcomes.

Reem A. Aldhahi, M.B.B.S., Abdullah A. Alrasheed, M.B.B.S., Khaled K. Aldossari, M.B.B.S., Turky H. Almigbal, M.B.B.S., and Mohammed A. Batais, M.B.B.S.
Evidence on the primary care preconception counseling practices pertaining to diabetic patients is lacking. Only 26.7% of the primary health care physicians we surveyed had acceptable knowledge about preconception counseling of women with diabetes.

Yao-Lung Chang, M.D., Chung-Yuan Yang, M.D., An-Shine Chao, M.D., Shuenn-Dyh Chang, M.D., Po-Jen Cheng, M.D., Wen-Fang Li, M.D., Shu-Han You, M.D., Yen-Chang Lee, M.D., Hsiu-Huei Peng, M.D., and Ho-Yen Chueh, M.D.
Birth weight discordance is associated with the poor neonatal outcomes of the smaller twin in uncomplicated twin pregnancies.

 Case Report
Daniel Core, M.D., Tierra Range, M.D., Bernadette K. McLaren, M.D., and Destin Black, M.D.
This case demonstrates the effectiveness and safety of a minimally invasive robotic approach for complete excision of multicystic benign mesothelioma involving multiple organs.


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