February 27th, 2021

Volume 65
Number 6
Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.

 Original Articles
Michael G. Kelly, M.D., and Samuel S. Lentz, M.D.
Understanding the pathophysiology of functional ovarian masses and incorporating the ESCAPE mnemonic when evaluating a patient with an adnexal mass may minimize unnecessary surgery.

Zhengda Li, M.D., Lintao Xue, Ph.D., Shikai Wang, M.D., Xianbao Mao, M.D., Xiaohui Zhang, M.D., and Pingpin Wei, M.D.
The method of second ejaculate collection after a short interval can be used to improve sperm quality and avoid unnecessary intracytoplasmic sperm injection. In this study 12 couples benefited from short-interval second ejaculation and avoided unnecessary ICSI.

Elizabeta Ioshyhes, M.D., Inbar Ben Shachar, M.D., Steven L. Warsof, M.D., and David Peleg, M.D., FACOG
Women with vaginismus are at a significantly higher risk for cesarean delivery.

Katarzyna Kosinska-Kaczynska, M.D., Ph.D., Wojciech Ananicz, M.D., Justyna Maret, M.D., Katarzyna Szarla, M.D., and Iwona Szymusik, M.D., Ph.D.
Neonatal outcome of small-for-gestational-age twins depends on gestational age at delivery, birthweight, and chorionicity but not on the co-twin being small for gestational age as well.

 Case Reports
Tiffany Swanson, D.O., Joshua Leichty, D.O., Leah Kurth, D.O., and Gregory Goyert, M.D.
Primary herpes simplex virus may be associated with a false positive ROM Plus result, potentially putting patients at risk for unnecessary interventions, including iatrogenic prematurity.

Toyokazu Endo, B.A., Ashley Hilton, M.D., Petar Planinic, M.D., and Nora M. Doyle, M.D., M.P.H., M.Sc.
At 16 weeks’ gestation a bicornuate uterus patient experienced a life-threatening spontaneous uterine rupture and fetal loss. Pregnancy in the setting of a repaired Müllerian anomalous uterus requires strict antepartum surveillance and possibly inpatient management.

Dan Wang, M.D., Shengke Wang, M.M., and FuJie Zhao, M.M.
A patient diagnosed with intramural pregnancy and desiring to preserve fertility was successfully treated by hysteroscopy combined with laparotomy. With early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, most patients with IMP have a good prognosis.

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