May 30th, 2023

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Extragonadal Teratoma in the Pouch of Douglas with Malignant Squamous Cell Transformation A Case Report
Authors:  Kin Li, OMS IV, Rosa Avila, M.D., Melissa Hodeib, D.O., and Alireza Abidi, M.D.
BACKGROUND: Mature cystic teratomas are a common germ cell tumor of the gonads. Most mature cystic teratomas occur in the ovaries in women in their twenties or thirties. However, there are rare reports of extragonadal teratomas that develop outside of the ovaries in places such as the sacrococcygeus, retroperitoneum, brain, or spine.

CASE: We report a case of a 56-year-old woman with normal reproductive organs and an extragonadal dermoid cyst with squamous cell carcinoma transformation located in the pouch of Douglas.

CONCLUSION: The mechanisms leading to the development of extragonadal teratomas still remain elusive. Extragonadal teratomas that develop in the pouch of Douglas are exceptionally rare. Moreover, malignant transformation of teratomas is even rarer. Therefore, reports of malignant transformation of extragonadal teratomas in the pouch of Douglas are scarce.
Keywords:  dermoid cyst, extragonadal teratoma, malignant transformation, mature cystic teratoma, pouch of Douglas, squamous cell carcinoma
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