May 29th, 2022

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Women’s Experiences of High-Risk Pregnancies from the Supportive Role of Men: A Phenomenological Study
Authors:  Mahin Badakhsh, M.Sc., Mehrbanoo Amirshahi, M.Sc., Zohreh Sadat Hashemi, Ph.D., Sanaz Nehbandani, B.Sc., and Mohammad Reza Firouzkouhi, Ph.D.
  OBJECTIVE: High-risk pregnancy is one of the problems that some women face. Men’s participation has an effective role in promoting maternity care and maternal and infant health. This study aimed to explain the experiences of women with high-risk pregnancies regarding men’s participation in Iran.

STUDY DESIGN: This is a qualitative study conducted from July 2020 to January 10, 2021, in Zabol in southeastern Iran. A total of 14 women with high-risk pregnancies were chosen by selective sampling method, and the participants of this study were selected to achieve data saturation. Data were collected by semi-structured interviews. Greatrex-White and van Manen methods were used to analyze the data.

RESULTS: Data analysis led to the formation of 3 main themes and 8 subthemes. The three main themes of the study are the emotional and psychological participation of the spouse, the role of comprehensive support, and the participation of men and their consequences in life.

CONCLUSION: Women with high-risk pregnancies evaluated the role of men well and showed that men’s participation contributes to better maternal and fetal health. Furthermore, it adds to the quality of life and strengthens the feelings of intimacy and friendship between couples.
Keywords:  fatherhood; fathers; female; marital relationship; maternal health; pregnancy, high-risk; pregnancy complications; qualitative research; social support; spouses; stress, psychological; wellbeing
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