May 29th, 2022

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Role of Race and Ethnicity in the Choice of a Vaginal Trial of Labor After Cesarean: Clinical Perspectives
Authors:  Elliot M. Levine, M.D., Carlos M. Fernandez, M.D., and Rosally Starr, M.D.
  A clinical perspective is offered, suggesting that algorithms, which have become widely used, may have a questionable use of race and ethnicity for the prediction of a successful vaginal trial of labor after previous cesarean section birth. Data showing the inaccuracy of these algorithm predictions should be noted. Medical care should not include the use of race and ethnicity if inaccuracies are evident and harm to selected populations are shown to exist.
Keywords:  labor; models, theoretical; predictive factors; pregnancy; vaginal birth after cesarean; vaginal birth after cesarean/statistics & numerical data; trial of labor after cesarean delivery
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