August 2nd, 2021

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Evaluation of IGF2 Imprinting Status and the Levels of Folate Biomarkers in Second Trimester Pregnant Chinese Women
Authors:  R.-F. Gao, M.D., J.-L. He, M.D., X.-Q. Liu, M.D., Y.-B. Ding, M.D., X.-M. Chen, Ph.D., Q. Chen, M.D., Y. Tan, M.D., and Y.-X. Wang, M.D.
  OBJECTIVE: To assess the relationship between folate biomarkers levels and IGF2 imprinting status among second trimester pregnant Chinese women.

STUDY DESIGN: Three hundred women in their second trimester were screened by polymerase chain reaction– restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) for analysis of IGF2 imprinting status. Statistical differences of folate biomarkers levels were calculated in the groups with different imprinting status.

RESULTS: Of the 300 women analyzed, 133 (44.33%) cases were homozygous allele with A, 3 (1.00%) cases were homozygous allele with G, while 164 (54.67%) cases were heterozygous with A and G, qualifying them for analysis of loss of imprinting (LOI). Among the 164 cases undergoing LOI analysis, 44 (26.83%) were IGF2 LOI cases, while 120 (73.17%) were IGF2 retention of imprinting (ROI) ones. The mean level of serum folate, vitamin B12 and tHcy was 28.46±10.74 ng/mL, 380.20±206.13 pg/mL, 14.24±6.34 µmol/L among women with IGF2 ROI, and 30.89±9.97 ng/mL, 394.28±195.92 pg/ mL, and 13.12±6.23 µmol/L among women with IGF2 LOI, respectively.

CONCLUSION: No significant difference of folate biomarkers levels was observed between IGF2 ROI and IGF2 LOI groups.
Keywords:  folate, genomic imprinting, homocysteine, insulin-like growth factor 2, vitamin B12
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