September 25th, 2023

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Increased Prevalence of Celiac Disease in Patients with Unexplained Infertility in the United States
Authors:  J. M. Choi, M.D., B. Lebwohl, M.D., M.S., J. Wang, M.D., S. K. Lee, M.D., J. A. Murray, M.D., M. V. Sauer, M.D., and P. H. R. Green, M.D.
  OBJECTIVE: To determine whether there might be an increased prevalence of undiagnosed celiac disease among a population of infertile women using serologic screening.

STUDY DESIGN: A prospective cohort study was performed at an academic infertility clinic in the United States.

RESULTS: The overall prevalence of celiac disease in this population was 2.1% (4/188). There was a significantly increased prevalence (5.9%) of undiagnosed celiac disease among women presenting with unexplained infertility

CONCLUSION: Women with unexplained infertility are at increased risk for having undiagnosed celiac disease, which may be a potentially modifiable (and treatable) risk factor.
Keywords:  celiac disease; infertility, female; sterility, female
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