September 25th, 2023


Conflict of Interest

Authors must provide a Financial Disclosure statement on their title page disclosing any relationship or interests in relation to their work. All submitted manuscripts must include a Conflict of Interest statement listing all financial and non-financial potential conflicts of interest. If there is no conflict of interest, include the following statement on your title page: Financial Disclosure: The authors have no connection to any companies or products mentioned in this article.

A competing interest exists when an author’s interpretation of data or presentation of information may be influenced by any personal or financial relationship, be it with an individual(s) or organization(s). Furthermore, if any author listed in the byline of the manuscript has any interest or association that could be seen to have influenced their decision-making process, this should be declared at the time of submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in the Journal, each author must provide their signature on a provided assignment of copyright form and again identify any financial disclosures or connection to any companies or products mentioned in the manuscript. A Financial Disclosure statement with the pertinent information will be printed on the first page of the published article. Editors may ask for further information related to competing interests.

Authors should additionally note any research grants received and financial support for educational programs.


Human and Animal Rights

Please include a statement at the end of your Introduction section explaining the guidelines that were followed to ensure adherence to human and animal rights, as appropriate, as well as ethics committee approval. All research must have been carried out within an appropriate ethical framework in order to be published in the Journal, and the Editors reserve the right to further question the authors and/or reject the manuscript if at any time prior to publication the research or editorial content is deemed to be in conflict with appropriate ethical considerations. Research involving human subjects, human material, or human data must have been performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and must have been approved by an appropriate ethics committee. All descriptions, data, charts, and photographs must provide anonymity to any study subjects or subjects of case reports.


Informed Consent

Include a statement on having obtained informed patient consent and ethics committee approval prior to carrying out the study or treatment, where appropriate. Authors must state that the original research was approved by the local institutional review board.