July 10th, 2020

Volume 64
Number 3
Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.

 Original Articles
Meena Vemuri, B.S., Sharon N. Covington, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.-C., and Valerie L. Baker, M.D.
Even years after diagnosis, women with primary ovarian insufficiency continue to have concerns about its impact on their well-being.

Tara A. Lynch, M.D., Johanna C. Bringley, D.O., Erin C. Crosby, M.D., Kevin C. Kiley, M.D., and Asha Rijhsinghani, M.D.
Nondiabetic obese and nonobese women have high rates of hyperglycemia after antenatal corticosteroid administration.

Edward Kowal, M.D., Byron C. Calhoun, M.D., FACOG, FACS, FASAM, MBA, Dara J. Seybold, M.A.A., David L. Williams, M.D., FACOG, and Paul P. Dietz, M.D., FACOG
Universal treatment for group B streptococcus could provide a savings of money and clinic personnel time. However, savings may be offset by increase in pharmacy and nursing hours.

Ruangsak Lertkhachonsuk, M.D., Arb-aroon Lertkhachonsuk, M.D., and Vorapong Phupong, M.D.
Risk of postmolar gestational trophoblastic neoplasia was not significantly different between hysterectomy and suction curettage as primary treatment. However, almost half of hysterectomy specimens revealed invasive mole.

Robert J. Rubino, M.D., FACOG, and Charbel G. Salamon, M.D., FACOG, FACS
A novel adhesive latch closure system (DermaClip) allows for faster skin closure as compared to subcuticular closure at the time of cesarean delivery.

Boris Petrikovsky, M.D., Ph.D., Steven Swancoat, D.O., and Evgeny Zharov, M.D., Ph.D.
The combination of cesarean section with panniculectomy does not appear to increase the rate of postsurgical complications in patients with a body mass index >30 kg/m2.

Man Wa Lui, M.B.B.S., Sofie S. F. Yung, M.B.B.S., Jennifer K. Y. Ko, M.B.B.S., Raymond H. R. Li, M.B.B.S., M.Med.Sc., and Ernest H. Y. Ng, M.B.B.S., M.D.
Women having hysteroscopic polypectomy achieved similar in vitro fertilization pregnancy outcomes as compared to those with normal uterine cavity confirmed by saline sonohysterogram.

Yueting Zhu, M.Med., Ye Zheng, M.Med., Hongchang Li, M.Med., Wenjie Jiang, M.Med., Juanjuan Lu, M.Med., and Junhao Yan, M.D., Ph.D.
With differences observed between the cleavage and blastocyst stages from our study, pericentric inversion of chromosome 9 should not be considered as the indication of preimplantation genetic testing for chromosomal structural rearrangements.

Yongping Zhang, M.M.
Pelvic pain is more severe in endometriosis patients than in non-endometriosis patients, and anxiety and depression are common in endometriosis.

Rashmi Kudesia, M.D., M.Sc., Hina J. Talib, M.D., and Staci E. Pollack, M.D., M.S.
We demonstrate gaps in fertility knowledge and discomfort with fertility awareness counseling among U.S. providers of reproductive healthcare.

 Case Reports
Cassandra K. Kisby, M.D., Sarah M. Bean, M.D., Jeffrey A. Kuller, M.D., and Eleanor Rhee, M.D.
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia is a rare placental disorder that can be confused with molar pregnancy and is associated with adverse fetal outcomes.

J. Stuart May, M.D., Corey Hamilton, M.D., Ali Raufi, M.D., Nadim Bou Zgheib, M.D., Yehuda Lebowicz, M.D., Doreen Griswold, M.D., Linda Brown, M.D., and Felix H. Cheung, M.D.
A rapidly enlarging pelvic mass is determined to be metastatic chondrosarcoma from the tibia.

Ali Alhousseini, M.D., Hunter Gomez-Roberts, M.D., Aya Fawaz, Susan Berman, M.D., Swati Mody, M.D., and Karoline S. Puder, M.D.
As long as the subdural hemorrhage is stable, prenatal expectant management should be considered to avoid the risks of early premature birth.

Angela Rugino, M.D., Iman Alsaden, M.D., and Kathy Jones, M.D.
Although rare, obstetricians should maintain a high level of suspicion for abdominal pregnancies, which are often life threatening when misdiagnosed.


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