August 23rd, 2019

Volume 60
Number 3
Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.

 Original Articles
Sarah K. Dotters-Katz, M.D., Andra H. James, M.D., Carly Gardner, M.D., Chad Grotegut, M.D., M.H.S., Katharine Colton, B.A., and Tracy A. Jaffe, M.D.
Masses of nongynecologic origin are not uncommon in women referred for imaging of pelvic masses, and these masses are at increased risk of malignancy.

Jay M. Berman, M.D., Jay M. Bolnick, M.D., Rodolfo Robles Pemueller, M.D., and José G. Garza Leal, M.D.
Viable, full-term pregnancies are possible after radiofrequency volumetric thermal ablation of fibroids, but further study of outcomes and delivery methods is warranted.

Alyaa Elassar, M.D., M.Sc., John Nulsen, M.D., Lawrence Engmann, M.D., and Claudio Benadiva, M.D., H.C.L.D.
Estradiol + antagonist pretreatment did not yield superior IVF outcomes as compared to standard oral contraceptive pill pretreatment in poor responder patients undergoing microdose leuprolide flare protocol.

Sybil G. Dessie, M.D., Michele R. Hacker, Sc.D., Laura E. Dodge, M.P.H., and Eman A. Elkadry, M.D.
Prenatal counseling regarding the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction is incomplete at all levels of obstetrical training, even in centers with active urogynecology services.

Sara H. Swift, M.D., M. Bridget Zimmerman, Ph.D., M.S., and Abbey J. Hardy-Fairbanks, M.D.
Negative pressure wound therapy applied immediately following closure of cesarean incision significantly decreased postoperative infections and wound complications.

Kevin C. Visconti, M.D., Craig V. Towers, M.D., Mark D. Hennessy, M.D., Bobby C. Howard, M.D., Stephanie Porter, W.H.N.P., and Beth Weitz, W.H.N.P.
The lamellar body count fetal lung maturity test can be performed on a blood-contaminated amniotic fluid specimen with reliable results.

Georgine Lamvu, M.D., M.P.H., Ruby H. N. Nguyen, Ph.D., Lara J. Burrows, M.D., Andrea Rapkin, M.D., Kathryn Witzeman, M.D., Richard P. Marvel, M.D., David Hutchins, M.D., Steven S. Witkin, Ph.D., Christin Veasley, B.S., Roger Fillingim, Ph.D., and Denniz Zolnoun, M.D.
A collaborative national registry for the study of vulvodynia was successfully established.

Na-Na Li, M.S., Xin-Lin Chen, M.D., Zhen Liu, M.M., Xiao-Hong Li, M.D., Ying Deng, M.D., and Jun Zhu, M.D.
This study revealed no association between maternal abortion history and CHDs; however, the authors note having seen the tendency and recommend increased vigilance in subsequent pregnancies.

Brittany A. Davidson, M.D., Christa I. Nagel, M.D., Debra L. Richardson, M.D., Siobhan M. Kehoe, M.D., David S. Miller, M.D., and Jayanthi S. Lea, M.D.
Patients with low- and high-risk gestational trophoblastic neoplasia and limited resources may achieve excellent outcomes if standard regimens are used and compliance is optimized.

 Case Reports
Tianshu Zhai, M.D., Manhua Cui, M.D., Guiqiu Chen, M.D., Shi Zhang, M.D., and Na Li, M.D.
The authors present a case report and literature review of sclerosing stromal ovarian tumor combined with early onset severe preeclampsia.

Melissa J. Chen, M.D., M.P.H., Sloane York, M.D., M.P.H., Cassing Hammond, M.D., and Lori Gawron, M.D., M.P.H.
Uterine perforations are a rare but serious complication of second trimester dilation and evacuation, and hospitals should plan and rehearse emergency procedures for patients transferred from abortion clinics.

Shelly H. Tien, M.D., and Yasuko Yamamura, M.D.
A cervical pregnancy was treated with systemic methotrexate and fetal intracardiac potassium chloride. Despite undetectable levels of β-hCG and resumption of menses, surgery was ultimately required.

Nanna Brink Scholz, M.D., Helle Lund, M.D., Lars Bolund, Med.Dr., and Lone Sunde, Ph.D.
A major gene for the pathogenesis of hydatidiform mole, or for modifying the molar phenotype, is unlikely on chromosome 6.

Rula V. Kanj, M.D., Deanna Gerber, M.D., Melissa K. Frey, M.D., Farzin Rahmanou, M.D., and Curtis Hardy, M.D.
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is rarely diagnosed during pregnancy. However, it is important to consider this diagnosis in a patient who presents with cutaneous symptoms in the antepartum period.

Songping Liu, M.D., and Jian Wen, M.D.
Ovarian vein thrombosis with renal vein thrombosis should be considered in any woman in the postpartum period with lower abdominal or flank pain.

Jessica Son, M.D., Olga Raetskaya-Solntseva, M.D., Philippe A. Tirman, M.D., Gregory S. Waters, M.D., and Michael G. Kelly, M.D.
The authors report xanthogranulomatous oophoritis presenting as an adnexal mass and bowel obstruction. Knowledge of this entity is essential to avoid misdiagnosis and excessive surgical intervention.


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