February 15th, 2019

Volume 57
Number 6
Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.

 Original Articles
Gouri B. Diwadkar, M.D., Cheryl Hunter, Ph.D., Matthew D. Barber, M.D., M.H.S., and J. Eric Jelovsek, M.D., M.M.Ed.
Cognitive task analysis is used to identify the salient technical steps, decision points and common errors of performing vaginal hysterectomy.

Arb-aroon Lertkhachonsuk, M.D., Nathpong Israngura, M.D., M.Sc., Somsak Tangtrakul, M.D., Duangmani Thanapprapasr, M.D., Chuenkamon Charakorn, M.D., and Suwicha Chittithaworn, M.D.
The incidence of complete hydatidiform mole in Bangkok decreased, the diagnoses were made earlier and traditional presentations were less severe. However, the postmolar gestational trophoblastic neoplasia rate did not improve.

Heidi Leftwich, D.O., James F. X. Egan, M.D., Victor Herson, M.D., and Adam Borgida, M.D.
This retrospective review compares neonatal outcomes for infants with gastroschisis or omphalocele who were delivered by cesarean section to those delivered by vaginal delivery.

Keith Y. Terada, M.D., Scott A. Harvey, M.D., James Davis, Ph.D., and Janet Burlingame, M.D.
There appear to be significant differences in cancer mortality between pregnant and nonpregnant women.

Xiao-di Jia, Ph.D., Mai-cang Gao, Ph.D., Tian-bao Song, Ph.D., and Xiao-lian Shi, Ph.D.
Our results revealed an association between the XbaI polymorphism and impaired spermatogenesis as well as serum levels of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in infertile males.

Shweta R. Nayak, M.D., Christina Racek, M.D., and Joseph S. Sanfilippo, M.D., M.B.A
Training in pediatric and adolescent gynecology is vital to a residency curriculum, and although incorporated in most residencies, there are still significant deficiencies in education.

Cem Atabekog?lu, M.D., Elif Aylin Tas¸k?n, M.D., Bülent Berker, M.D., Batuhan Özmen, M.D., Suheyla I?s¸bacar, M.Sc., and Murat Sönmezer, M.D.
After hysteroscopic septoplasty, in vitro fertilization outcomes are similar to and miscarriage rates are slightly higher than those of the unaffected population.

Yeong Yi An, M.D., Sung Hun Kim, M.D., Bong Joo Kang, M.D., A. Won Lee, M.D., and Byung Joo Song, M.D.
Columnar cell lesions usually present as microcalifications or a mass suspicious for malignancy, which should lead to a core biopsy.

 Case Reports
Amanda Beer, M.D., Joseph M. Stavas, M.D., Denniz Zolnoun, M.D., M.P.H., and Hyeon Yu, M.D.
Fluoroscopy-guided percutaneous sclerotherapy was effective in the management of isolated symptomatic giant vulvar varix.

Randy A. McCool, M.D.
Methotrexate therapy can be used to treat ectopic pregnancy after prior hysterectomy.

Dah-Ching Ding, M.D., Ph.D., and Chi-Yuan Liao, M.D.
Two cases of persistent extratubal trophoblastic implants after laparoscopic surgery emphasize the importance of checking weekly hCG values after both salpingostomies and salpingectomies.

Michael V. Muench, M.D., Jill Lewter, R.D.M.S., Karen Bassett, R.D.M.S., Richard H. Rupkalvis, M.D., and Henry L. Galan, M.D.
A case of twin reverse arterial perfusion sequence in a triplet gestation was successfully treated with a minimally invasive laser therapy; current treatment options are reviewed.





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