August 23rd, 2019

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Primary Rectal Abdominal Pregnancy Treated by Low Anterior Resection: A Case Report
Authors:  Hideyuki Chida, M.D., Akihiko Kikuchi, M.D., Teruo Kagabu, M.D., and Go Obara, M.D.
BACKGROUND: Abdominal pregnancy, especially primary abdominal pregnancy, is an uncommon and serious form of ectopic pregnancy, and delay in treatment can be life-threatening. We experienced an extremely rare case of primary rectal abdominal pregnancy requiring low anterior resection in the early gestational period.

CASE: A 35-year-old woman was admitted to our emergency room with vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. A positive pregnancy test and peritoneal effusion demonstrated by ultrasound strongly suggested ectopic pregnancy, and an emergency laparotomy was performed. A dark mass firmly adhering to the serosa of the anterior wall of the rectum was noticed, accompanied by abundant feeding vessels. We considered this condition an abdominal pregnancy implanted deeply at the anterior wall of the rectum and performed low anterior resection. Histologic examinations confirmed the diagnosis.

CONCLUSION: Although such a case has not been reported, we should recognize that intestinal resection might be required in a case of abdominal pregnancy, and even low anterior resection in a case of rectal abdominal pregnancy.
Keywords:  abdominal pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, intestinal resection, low anterior resection, primary abdominal pregnancy, rectal pregnancy
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