June 20th, 2018

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An Unusual-appearing Suburethral Diverticulum Resulting from Trauma: A Case Report
Authors:  Erika Schneider, M.D., Shireen Madani Sims, M.D., and John D. Davis, M.D.
BACKGROUND: A suburethral diverticulum is a herniation of the urethra into the potential space between the anterior vaginal wall and the periurethral fascia. We report a case of an unusual-appearing suburethral diverticulum that resulted from repetitive self-induced trauma.

CASE: A 43-year-old, mentally handicapped woman presented to our clinic for evaluation of a papillary mass projecting from her anterior vaginal wall. Her caretakers reported that the woman traumatized herself periodically to induce vaginal bleeding. After evaluation the mass was excised in the operating room, and the diagnosis of a suburethral diverticulum was confirmed.

CONCLUSION: Self-induced trauma as an etiology of suburethral diverticula should be considered in patients with atypical-appearing masses of the anterior vaginal wall.
Keywords:  diverticulum, herniation, suburethral diverticulum, urethra
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