May 28th, 2018

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Short Cervix and Vaginal Progesterone: A Model on How to Tackle the Problem of Idiopathic Preterm Labor
Authors:  David F. Lewis, M.D., Susan L. Baker, M.D., and Robert Stauffer, M.D.
  Preterm deliveries continue to be a major problem in obstetrics and pediatrics. Short cervical length has been identified as the most accurate way to predict preterm delivery. Recently, vaginally administered progesterone has been shown in separate studies to dramatically decrease the prematurity rate in patients with a short cervix. The research that came to this conclusion is a good model to be used to approach other etiologies of preterm labor and delivery.
Keywords:  cervix, obstetrics, premature birth, preterm birth, preterm infants, preterm labor, progesterone, tocolytic agents
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