June 18th, 2018

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Percutaneous Sclerotherapy for Giant Isolated Vulvar Varix: A Case Report
Authors:  Amanda Beer, M.D., Joseph M. Stavas, M.D., Denniz Zolnoun, M.D., M.P.H., and Hyeon Yu, M.D.
BACKGROUND: Vulvar varicosities are a rare entity and are typically associated with pregnancy, pelvic congestion syndrome or vascular anomaly related syndromes. This is a case of an isolated symptomatic gigantic vulvar varix with pelvic draining veins that was successfully managed with fluoroscopic-guided direct injection sclerotherapy.

CASE: A woman presented with an 8-month history of symptomatic giant vulvar varix which was successfully treated by a single session of percutaneous direct injection of sclerosing agent under fluoroscopy guidance.

CONCLUSION: Symptomatic resolution was achieved by percutaneous sclerotherapy in a patient with isolated giant vulvar varix that had been refractory to medical and surgical treatments.
Keywords:  interventional radiology, sclerotherapy, varix, vascular malformations, vulvar varix
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