May 28th, 2018

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Urinary Retention and Voiding Dysfunction in Women with Uterine Leiomyoma: A Case Series
Authors:  T. Yazdany, M.D., N. N. Bhatia, M.D., and J. N. Nguyen, M.D.
  OBJECTIVE: To examine urinary retention as an underreported complication of uterine leiomyoma. Reproductive-aged women with uterine leiomyoma often describe pelvic pressure and menorrhagia, however few complain of complete urinary retention.

STUDY DESIGN: We discuss the cases of 8 women who presented to our emergency room with acute urinary retention over a 4-year period.

RESULTS: Patients had a mean age of 39 (range, 2551) and median parity of 1 (range, 05). Seven of 8 patients (88%) had posterior-fundal leiomyomas. All patients underwent either myomectomy or hysterectomy with resolution of their urinary retention.

CONCLUSION: Incarceration of the posterior or fundal leiomyoma beyond the pelvic brim can push the cervix against the pubic bone, resulting in compression of the bladder neck or urethra. This may explain the etiology
of retention and/or voiding dysfunction in some cases. Urinary retention, as a result of leiomyoma, may be overlooked in the initial management of symptomatic patients.
Keywords:  fibroids; fibroids, uterine; leiomyoma; urinary retention; voiding dysfunction
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