July 10th, 2020

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Personality and Emotional Adjustment in Infertility
Authors:  V. M. Silva Lopes, M.S., and I. M. Pereira Leal, Ph.D.
  OBJECTIVE: To examine the relationship between adjustment to diagnosed infertility and personality, anxiety, depression and stress (in general and inherent to infertility) in couples.

STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional study, with a convenience sample of 35 couples attending infertility consultations, in a public health service in the Lisbon district. Data was collected using the following main outcome measures: NEO Personality Inventory–Short Form; Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale; Fertility Problem Inventory; and Fertility Adjustment Scale.

RESULTS: In women, neuroticism was associated with greater stress in situations of infertility, and depression was related with social, sexual and relational aspects of stress in infertility. Social aspects and need to be a parent expressed maladjustment to fertility. In men, personality was not related to stress in infertility; this was explained by the sexual and relational aspects. The maladjustment to fertility was explained by the need to be a parent.
CONCLUSIONS: Infertile men and women are emotionally adjusted, determined to fulfill their goals while exhibiting low levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Thus, although it is relevant to identify the effects of infertility which may make one susceptible to maladjustment, psychological intervention is not always necessary in these couples. Although the results are very relevant, the sample’s reduced dimension is a limitation.
Keywords:  adjustment; anxiety; emotional depression; emotional stress; infertility; life stress; personality; stress, psychological
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