June 18th, 2018

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Evaluation of Compliance and Range of Fees Among American Society for Reproductive Medicine-Listed Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agencies
Authors:  Janelle Luk, M.D., and John C. Petrozza, M.D.
  OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the compliance of donor and surrogacy agencies to American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines and assess regional differences in agency, donor, and surrogacy fees in the United States.
METHODS: A retrospective study was performed of websites from agencies that have signed an agreement with
the Society for Reproductive Technology (SART) to abide by ASRM guidelines in governing egg donor prices and surrogacy compensation.

RESULTS: A total of 66 agencies are listed on the website, divided into 8 national regions; 24.5% of egg donor agencies deviated from ASRM guidelines. There was no significant difference in the agency fees among the different regions of United States, but the agency fees for egg donation trend higher in the west.

CONCLUSION: A substantial number of egg donor agencies in the United States are not abiding by the ASRM guidelines. Oversight may be needed to correct improper marketing practices for egg donor recruitment. (J Reprod Med 2008;53:847-852)
Keywords:  compensation, compliance, egg donation, egg donor agency, surrogate pregnancy
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