April 4th, 2020

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Laparoscopic Removal of a Rudimentary Uterine Horn During Pregnancy: A Case Report
Authors:  Vidya Soundararajan, M.D., and Jodie Rai, M.D.
BACKGROUND: A unicornuate uterus with a rudimentary horn is a m¸llerian anomaly associated with endometriosis and pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, uterine rupture, preterm labor and malpresentation. Therefore, the horn is removed if it is thought to contain functional endometrium. This is usually done by laparotomy in the nonpregnant state.

CASE: A woman presented during pregnancy with symptoms, examination and ultrasonogram suspicious for an ectopic pregnancy. Intraoperative findings and final pathology, however, showed a rudimentary uterine horn, which was laparoscopically removed, and a concomitant intrauterine pregnancy.

CONCLUSION: A rudimentary uterine horn may present during pregnancy and mimic an ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the horn was removed laparoscopically. (J Reprod Med 2000;45:599-602)
Keywords:  uterus; laparoscopic surgical procedures; pregnancy complications; uterine horn, rudimentary
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