April 4th, 2020

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Lymphocyte Subpopulations After Normal Pregnancy and Spontaneous Abortion in Primigravidas
Authors:  Jos╚ L. Bartha, M.D., Rafael Comino-Delgado, M.D., Pilar Martinez-Del Fresno, M.D., Mar╠a J. Ortega, M.D., Jos╚ R. Fernandez-Lorente, M.D., and Juan M. Cabello, M.D.
  OBJECTIVE: To evaluate lymphocyte subpopulations after a first pregnancy in women who had normal pregnancies and in those whose pregnancies terminated in spontaneous abortion.

STUDY DESIGN: Sixty healthy, nonpregnant women in three groups were studied: 20 with a prior abortion, 20 with a prior normal pregnancy and 20 nulligravid. Peripheral blood lymphocytes were studied using monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry. Women were followed for one year, and if they became pregnant again, pregnancy complications were recorded.

RESULTS: The percentage of B lymphocytes was significantly decreased in the postpartum group (6%▒2.22) in comparison to nulligravid women (8.7%▒3.37) (P=.005). The percentage of CD4 lymphocytes was significantly higher in the postabortion group (44.7%▒7.81) in relation to the control group (39.85%▒6.01) (P=.03). A significantly higher CD4/CD8 ratio was found in the postabortion group in relation to the control group (1.65 vs. 1.24) (P=.01). Women with pregnancy complications in their next pregnancy had a lower absolute value for total lymphocytes (P=.02), T lymphocytes (P=.04), absolute CD8 lymphocytes (P=.01) and percentage of CD8 lymphocytes (P=.02) and a higher percentage of CD4 lymphocytes (P=.03) and higher CD4/CD8 ratio (P=.02) than women who had not experienced any pregnancy complications.

CONCLUSION: The percentage of B lymphocytes was lower in normal primipara in comparison to women who had never been pregnant. Women with previous spontaneous abortions had an immunologic profile expected in a rejection phenomenon; that result was more marked if they went on to experience complications in their next pregnancies. (J Reprod Med 2000;45: 567-571)
Keywords:  lymphocyte subpopulations; abortion, spontaneous; pregnancy complications
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